Marketing Management

The Marketing Management Career pathway is a sub-groupings of occupations/career specialties used as an organizing tool for curriculum design and instruction. Occupations/career specialties were grouped into this career pathway based on the fact that they require a set of common knowledge and skills for career success.

The Marketing Management Career pathway focuses on key concepts and practices of marketing with emphasis on analysis and development of integrated marketing plans and programs that create customer value and competitive advantage in the world-wide marketplace. Students apply the concepts and processes necessary to obtain, develop, maintain and improve a product/service mix. Students apply the product/service management function to a marketing business, apply various types of quality assurance to product service management, create a product mix that meets the needs of customers and produces a profit for the company, and apply marketing factors to position products and services in a business.

In addition, this pathway guides Students in planning, organizing, directing and controlling the use of an organization’s resources to effectively and economically obtain its objectives. Students learn to manage marketing activities to facilitate business development and growth, including managing supply-chain activities, using financial and marketing information to make business decisions, using pricing strategies, responding to market opportunities, using promotional skills to achieve desired outcomes, and managing the sales function to determine client needs and wants.

Occupations relating to Marketing Management include:

  • Administrative Support Representative
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Entrepreneur
  • Franchisee
  • Independent Distributor
  • Owner
  • Partner
  • President
  • Principal
  • Proprietor
  • Small Business Owner

Pathway Resources:

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Professional Certifications

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