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National Groundhog Job Shadow Day – February 2, 2013

Each February, an amazing number of industries the
participate in “National Groundhog Job Shadow
Day -  a national campaign that gives young people a
new perspective on their studies through hands-on
learning and a one-day mentoring experience. 
Students are paired with a mentor who they will
“shadow” throughout the day to experience how the
skills they learn in the classroom can be applied to the
real world. This event also provides an opportunity to
introduce future employees to the vast array of careers
available in the lodging industry, as well as supports our
industry’s community efforts.

NGJSD is a joint effort of America’s Promise - Alliance for Youth, Junior Achievement, and the U.S. Department of Labor. Nationwide, more than one million students and 100,000 businesses participate, and last year, more than 2,000 restaurants and hotels hosted nearly 20,000 students.

Here’s some ideas for getting involved:

Have students shadow a general manager or executive staff member. Students get a chance to learn a great deal about the lodging industry by following and assisting an experienced professional with their daily activities and duties. A shadow representative can teach them about the skills that are needed to succeed in the industry/business. The students may assist with operations, customer service, meetings and conventions, services, communications, etc. 

Have students shadow an executive member of a professional association. By letting them “shadow” directly in a professional association environment, students will get a prime understanding of how individual state associations/chapters handle their legislative, regulatory, and operating practices. The state executive can have the students attend state and in-office meetings, assist with daily duties, etc. 

Have students become an employee for the day. Students work directly with customers and other staff to become familiar with daily situations that will prepare them for future job opportunities. It also teaches them the difference between non-managerial and managerial staff, and what it takes to climb the ladder of success in the business/industry. Have the students work as non-managerial employees, such as front office clerks, departmental staff, services support staff, etc. 

Teach students behind-the-scene opportunities. Allowing students to get a closer look at what happens beyond the main lobby will prepare a new generation of powerful executives. Let students watch, and assist if possible, with paying bills, vendor purchasing, creating schedules, and other hidden logistics that go into running a business. 

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