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The CTEP Marketing Advisory Committee is building a statewide network of local marketing leaders who want to support the teaching of Marketing in High Schools and Colleges throughout the state of New Jersey.

Join the network and help us understand your work world. Register first so that we know your area of experience and expertise.

When you join, you can:

  • Take a brief online survey about needed business skills and knowledge (10 minutes or less)
  • Add to an online discussion board about trends and issues related to the survey (10 minutes or less)
  • Join a growing list of Marketing leaders volunteering to be guest speakers at local schools. By sharing your story with High School or College marketing students, you will be helping to enhance their educational experience.

Although we’d like to have you complete all of these options, we know you’re busy. We’ll leave the survey an discussion posted so that you can complete as much as possible when your schedule permits.

 To see a list of individuals that have already volunteered, click on the link:  List of Guest Speakers.

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