Who should I nominate?

We’d welcome any business leader in your community who meets our basic criteria (see Join Now page). However, rather than inviting everyone you know, it will be easiest (and more effective) if you initially invite those managers and executives who you know on a personal basis. They are more likely to say yes, and their participation will help you gain confidence in the Network. As you hear from them about what we’re doing, you’ll likely want to add other nominees from your community. So, start with 1-2 business “friends” who meet our criteria and then we’ll work together to build participation in your community.

I already have an advisory committee. How is this different?

Think of the CTEP Marketing Executive Network as the next level of participation for managers and executives on your committee. You can even use our surveys and discussion boards as a discussion starter in your own meetings. Since most local advisory groups include both business representatives and others, the nature of the discussion is likely to be different. The CTEP meNet includes only established marketing leaders.

If they join your meNet, will they still be interested in my local advisory group?

Absolutely. In fact, we believe the level of interest will increase. As members begin to understand the potential of local business/marketing programs, we expect them to become increasingly strong advocates for what you do with kids. And, we believe that as they participate in our statewide activities, they will see new ways to work with you and to help you strengthen your programs.

My question isn’t answered here.

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