5 Tips to get the edge on the competition

Thinking about going to college?

Do you have a career in mind after your graduate?

When I get an opportunity to speak to young people about exploring a career in Marketing, I try to tell them to keep 5 things in mind.

I start off by saying the workplace today is very competitive. In fact, over half of our college graduates wait 12 months or more to enter the workplace after they have earned their degree. To be prepared to be part of the 50% that finds a job after graduation your students will need an edge. Here are five tips that may want to follow:
1. Work while you earn your degree. The marketplace is looking for individuals that can perform and deliver value immediately. Students need to build a portfolio of work experiences through internships, part-time/free-lance project work, or volunteering. In this way they will be able to include in their resumes and work applications, experiences that demonstrate they have the skills the workplace requires. (e.g., project management skills, crisis management skills, customer service skills, quality improvement skills, …)
2. Develop world language proficiency. Many graduates that are beating the odds are proficient in 2 languages besides English. Domestic and global corporations are targeting skilled workers that have world language proficiency for their ability to seamlessly work across cultures, and geographies. They also seek the skills of these individuals to build and grow their brands in domestic and international markets.
3. Give your heart to a cause. Find something you can give your time and talent to, something you are passionate about, something that pulls at your “heart-string.” Think of an organization that you feel you can support as a volunteer (e.g., American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, The Community Food Bank of New Jersey, …)and work with them, sharing your time and talents. Demonstrate in this context that you have a broad world view, that you understand that you are somehow part of a larger picture. Include this experience in your resume and show potential employers that you understand the need to provide service to a community and that you are a “servant leader.”
4. Walk the campus of the college you plan to attend. When you select a college or university be sure to make time to visit the campus and walk the grounds before you make your final decision. You need to be able to say to yourself, “I can imagine myself here. There are other people like me here and I think I will fit in.” This is an important step and if you miss it you may find you are not happy at the institution you picked and spend extra time, money, and energy making this right.
5. Leverage the alumni association. Attend a college or university with an active alumni association. Attend alumni events as an undergrad and build relationships along the way. When it is your time to look for internships or full time positions after graduation, the alumni may be able to help. They are usually very happy to provide guidance and advice. They may be able to make introductions and provide you with valuable information that can support you as you prepare to apply to career opportunities. Remember that relationships are very important, especially as you transition from the academic world to the workplace. Use the relationships you built through your work, your volunteering, and your alumni association to get you to the position you desire.

Good luck!

Til Dallavalle

CTE Partnership – Project Coordinator

Marketing Career Cluster

Middlesex County College

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What is a CTE Student?

How does one define a high school CTE student? The general approach is to label students who take 2 or 3 CTE courses – out of a high school career – as a ‘concentrator.’ This satisfies accountability requirements but does it truly reflect how students actually use CTE courses within their high school career?


Researchers at the NRCCTE created a more nuanced typology of course taking behavior and applied it to an NCES data set (ELS2002) to create a more effective means of understanding how students access and combine CTE and academic course work.


To read more about what they learned, go to: http://muse.jhu.edu/journals/high_school_journal/v097/97.3.aliaga.pdf 




James R. Stone III


James R. Stone III

Professor and Director

National Research Center for Career & Technical Education

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY 40292

Phone (502) 852-0639

Mobile (502) 322-6260


Marketers need to be Customer Obsessed

In an article from Forbes the author, David Cooperstein, makes the point that many marketing-obsessed marketers are getting off track.  They seem to have forgotten the customer.

Cooperstein states that  ”the link between the agency pitch, the production, and the delivery leaves a lot missing along the way.”

Read the complete article – click here.

New Regional Focus and County Fact Sheets

From the NJ Department of Labor’s Office of Research and Information

Regional Focus

The New Jersey Department of Labor’s Office of Research & Information (ORI) is the state’s key source for New Jersey economic and labor market intelligence. Regional Focus offers insight and analysis on the changing employment situation in New Jersey’s regional labor areas, its industries and comparisons with statewide data. The articles, tables and charts illustrating employment by industry, unemployment rates, characteristics of the unemployed, and highlights of economic activity let Regional Focus develop a picture of New Jersey labor areas and insight into changes within them.


The Third Quarter 2013 Regional Focus, has been updated with the most recent labor market information.



County Fact Sheets

Here is a link to the updated County Fact Sheets, which has been updated with the most recent county wide:

  1. Population Estimates 2012, U.S. Census Bureau
  2. Demographic & Social Economic Characteristics from the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey
  3. 2012 Annual Average Employment and Establishments from the NJLWD
  4. 2012 Annual Average Labor Force Statistics from the NJLWD





NJ State Data Center

New Jersey Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development

Phone: 609-984-2595


Middle Schools Explore Project Based Learning

Virginia Middle Schools Focus on Better Education

-Emily, 8/19/13

Gloucester County in Virginia is opening up a new middle school within the next two years. Page Middle School will incorporate a new style of learning, Project Based Learning, to it’s students. The school board decided that as Page Middle School explores PBL, the existing Peasley Middle School in the area will do so as well. The school board’s intent is to guide students from both middle schools in the same direction so that when they merge in the same high school, it will be unclear which middle school a student attended. They hope that the introduction of Project Based Learning will advance students and give them a sense of uniformity in their education.

Adapted from the Daily Press article by Matt Sabo entitled “Gloucester Middle Schools Exploring Project-Based Learning,” courtesy of Professor Elizabeth Elmore of the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

The Blackboard Exemplary Course Rubric

Elizabeth Elmore, Professor at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, has shared this great rubric with us from Blackboard Community Programs.

The Blackboard Exemplary Course Program(ECP) recognizes course creators whose courses demonstrate best practices in four major areas: Course Design, Interaction & Collaboration, Assessment and Learner Support. Courses are evaluated by a peer group of Blackboard clients using the ECP Rubric.

Download The Blackboard Exemplary Course Rubric here

FT Future of Marketing Summit

Learn How to Take Advantage of Media Outlets as a Marketer

-Emily, 8/12/13

Marketers are often expected to stay ahead of the game, and this means being involved in all media outlets as possible. Social media, big data, video, mobile…you name it, marketers are harnessing its power.

If you’re interested in how to take full advantage of all media outlets in the world of marketing, the Future of Marketing Summit may be the best place to gather your information. The summit takes place on September 12th at the Metropolitan Club in New York. There are over fifteen confimed speakers who will be discussing a variety of topics:

• Forecasting the Future: The Top 10 Trends to Prepare For
• Making Sense of the Noise: Achieving ROI with Social Media Strategies
• Harnessing the Deluge: The Transformative Power of Big Data
• Ads and Apps: Monetizing Mobile
• Content is Still King: The Importance of Storytelling

If you are interested in participating in the FT Future of Marketing Summit, you can find out more inforation and register here

Global Leaders Network

New Online Platform Through Knowledge@Wharton High School

-Emily, 8/1/13

Is your high school committed to enhancing leadership, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy opportunities for students and educators? If so, you may be interested in the Global Leaders Network offered through Knowledge@Wharton High School. This network selects a number of public and private school districts for exclusive access to resources and opportunities for students and educators to flourish in the world of business, entrepreneurship, and leadership both in and out of the classroom.

To learn more about this exciting network and complete an appliction, visit Knowledge@Wharton’s site here

Mt. Olive – Renaissance Student of the Year

Mount Olive High School administration has announced that student Jessica Van Zee has been honored as the 2013 Renaissance Student of the Year. Along with receiving the honor of being Renaissance Student of the Year, Jessica is a member of DECA, World Language Honor Society, National Honor Society, National Business Honor Society and studies business and the arts. Jessica is also President of National Art Honor Society and Ski Club. In addition, Jessica placed first in the New Jersey Career and Technical Education Poster Contest in February.

To be honored as Renaissance Student of the Year a student must demonstrate academic achievements throughout all four years of high school. The student who receives this award must attain an unweighted GPA of 3.5 and have no individual grades lower than a B- all four years of high school.

One of Jessica’s teachers, Dr. Tim Kelly, stated that “Jessica is one of the brightest and most talented students I have ever known. She combines a very unusual combination of left and right brain skills that yield incredibly brilliant work.”  Jessica was accepted with a top scholarship to Pratt Institute, but plans to attend County College of Morris in the fall then transfer to Pratt Institute.

Congratulations Jessica!

Renaming Burlington Center Mall

Students from Burlington Township H.S. and members of the Community will help to rename the Burlington Center Mall.

The students in Ms. Einhorn’s Marketing class at Burlington Township High School participated in a real-world “re-branding” project.  The focus was on giving an old mall a new name. 

Students presented their ideas to representatives of the Burlington Center Mall on Thursday, May 16, 2013.  A description of the event was published in the Bulington County Times the next day.  To read the article click here.