Marketers need to be Customer Obsessed

In an article from Forbes the author, David Cooperstein, makes the point that many marketing-obsessed marketers are getting off track.  They seem to have forgotten the customer.

Cooperstein states that  ”the link between the agency pitch, the production, and the delivery leaves a lot missing along the way.”

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New Trends in 2014

Many trends are forecasted for 2014. Some are continuations of existing trends, while others are based on new technology, but all offer smart marketers the opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

2014 trends

Consider the following three and whether they can help you achieve your marketing goals in 2014.


Niche Social Media Sites

Snapchat and Vine are two examples of niche social media sites that offer new ways to reach customers this year. If Snapchat’s recent rejection of a $3 billion offer from Facebook is any indication, 2014 will be the year to represent your brand on relevant niche social media sites.


Location-Based Targeting

Next year, make an effort to localize your content so that it’s personal and relevant to each of your customers. Build location services into your app to cater content and search results to each user’s exact location. This provides context. For example, Oakley Smart Glass shows skiers their speed, elevation, where their friends are on the mountain, and other relevant statistics.


Mobile or Bust

More than one billion people own smartphones worldwide, and 143 million of them are in the U.S. The relatively low price point for these mini-computers allows marketers to reach large portions of the population that previously did not have everyday Internet access. If you’re not there already, you need to design or adapt your website for an optimized mobile and tablet experience in the coming year.

(Source: see their guide for Marketing in 2014

A guide to Marketing in 2014

How will you make the right choices for your 2014 digital marketing mix? There is a company called VOCUS that has offered to give you a free guide to Marketing in 2014.  All you will need to do is to provide them with a bit of information about you.

Discover 2014’s key digital trends, what they mean for marketers and how to make them work with your brand’s strategy.

Go to 


and you can download a copy of their guide:

A guide to Marketing in 2014



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Are Professional Associations valuable?

An Interview with Marissa Cussanelli

by Til Dallavalle

Recently, I had an opportunity to talk with Marissa Cusanelli, a senior at Monmouth University.  Marissa started a Collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association at Monmouth and talks about how she got started and the value of the experience in this interview.

To request contact information email the CTEP Marketing Project Coordinator, Til Dallavalle


Fighting the Gen Y Stereotype

How Do Today’s HR Professionals Feel About Millennials?

-Emily, 8/14/13

There are countless stereotypes about Millennials: disloyal, lazy, incapable of leading, and so on. Are they really true? While us millennials would like to disagree, a recent study by found that many HR professionals hold these opinions.

Here are some statistics the study published:

  • 22% of HR professionals believed Millennials would make good team players
  • 14% of HR Professionals thought that Millennials were strong communicators
  • 11% of HR professionals thought Millennials would work hard

Although the results seem grim, this is not the end of the road for twenty-somethings on the job hunt. Hal M. Bundrick has a few suggestions for Millennials:

  1. Don’t discount your ability to be tech savvy. 86% of HR professionals believe Millennials are a tech savvy group, while only 35% of Millennials feel the same. Your knowledge of technology, whether it range from a mastery of Photoshop to a basic knowledge of social media websites, use what tech knowledge you have to your advantage. Companies are constantly changing and updating, and that means becoming increasingly tech-driven and mobile. Your knowledge, no matter how big or small, can always come in handy.
  2. Be a team player. Millennials have a reputation by HR Professionals to be more selfish. In your interviews, use words like collaborate, teamwork, dedication, and commitment. Focus on ways you would like to help advance the company as a whole, not your own individual career.
  3. Fine-tune your communication skills. While Millennials grew up using e-mail for personal communication, sending professional e-mails will be an important part of your career.
  4. Display your great work ethic. On your resume and in the interview process, mention past projects you’ve worked on with other companies. It is good to show how much of a hard worker you are in a world where Millennials are viewed as “lazy.”

To find out more ways to fight the Gen Y stereotype, check out Main Street’s article here.

As a millennial, how do you feel about these stereotypes?

Recruiting New Employees…On Tumblr?

How Siemens Uses Tumblr to Launch a New Global Recruitment Campaign

-Emily, 8/13/13

Can you imagine blogging to land a new career?

Siemens, a two-year program for recent graduates, recently teamed up with We Are Social to launch The Manager’s Call, a recruitment campaign run through Tumblr and streamed to Facebook.

Graduate program participants upload posts to Tumblr weekly based on the topic at hand. They tag the post under the given hashtag, comment on each other’s posts, and top participants win medals on every Sunday of the program running from June to September. The winner of the program will receive a Q&A session with a Siemens manager and personal career coaching session.

Find out more about this innovative program here.

Content courtesy of Professor Elizabeth Elmore of the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

What Employers Think About the Job-Seeker Crop

Employers Long for Job-Seekers with “Soft Skills”

-Emily, 8/13/13

Having a good education background is crucial in today’s job market, but what are employers really looking for in prospective employees?

A recent survey by Bryant and Stratton College & Wakefield Research found that while 80% of US workers aged 18 to 34 believe they are “job ready and possess all the skills, experience and education needed to advance in their desired career path or obtain their next job,” 40% of employers believe even entry-level candidates lack the basic skills to fill these openings.

Most importantly, 93% of employers responded that they weigh “soft skills” such a problem-solving and common sense more heavily than education background when sorting through job candidates. Unfortunately, only 16% of US workers aged 18 to 34 believe that these skills were crucial for career advancement.

Fine-tuning soft skills and working on your personal brand can be the difference between you and the other person applying for the same position. It is important to showcase your skills to stand out and prove yourself as a valuable employee.

Adapted from the Main Street article by Brian O’Connell entitled “Lots of Employers Think Job-Seeker Crop is Pretty Much Useless,” courtesy of Professor Elizabeth Elmore of the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

Manage Your Social Media Presence

Tips For Small Businesses and Beyond

-Emily, 8/12/13

Manta has some great advice when it comes to managing your social media presence. As a small business, it is important to maximize your connections through social media. You can develop mew connections and build loyalty to your products and services.

Check out this video to learn how you can improve your social media presence

Content courtesy of Professor Elizabeth Elmore of the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

FT Future of Marketing Summit

Learn How to Take Advantage of Media Outlets as a Marketer

-Emily, 8/12/13

Marketers are often expected to stay ahead of the game, and this means being involved in all media outlets as possible. Social media, big data, video, mobile…you name it, marketers are harnessing its power.

If you’re interested in how to take full advantage of all media outlets in the world of marketing, the Future of Marketing Summit may be the best place to gather your information. The summit takes place on September 12th at the Metropolitan Club in New York. There are over fifteen confimed speakers who will be discussing a variety of topics:

• Forecasting the Future: The Top 10 Trends to Prepare For
• Making Sense of the Noise: Achieving ROI with Social Media Strategies
• Harnessing the Deluge: The Transformative Power of Big Data
• Ads and Apps: Monetizing Mobile
• Content is Still King: The Importance of Storytelling

If you are interested in participating in the FT Future of Marketing Summit, you can find out more inforation and register here