Marketers need to be Customer Obsessed

In an article from Forbes the author, David Cooperstein, makes the point that many marketing-obsessed marketers are getting off track.  They seem to have forgotten the customer.

Cooperstein states that  ”the link between the agency pitch, the production, and the delivery leaves a lot missing along the way.”

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New Regional Focus and County Fact Sheets

From the NJ Department of Labor’s Office of Research and Information

Regional Focus

The New Jersey Department of Labor’s Office of Research & Information (ORI) is the state’s key source for New Jersey economic and labor market intelligence. Regional Focus offers insight and analysis on the changing employment situation in New Jersey’s regional labor areas, its industries and comparisons with statewide data. The articles, tables and charts illustrating employment by industry, unemployment rates, characteristics of the unemployed, and highlights of economic activity let Regional Focus develop a picture of New Jersey labor areas and insight into changes within them.


The Third Quarter 2013 Regional Focus, has been updated with the most recent labor market information.


County Fact Sheets

Here is a link to the updated County Fact Sheets, which has been updated with the most recent county wide:

  1. Population Estimates 2012, U.S. Census Bureau
  2. Demographic & Social Economic Characteristics from the 2012 U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey
  3. 2012 Annual Average Employment and Establishments from the NJLWD
  4. 2012 Annual Average Labor Force Statistics from the NJLWD




NJ State Data Center

New Jersey Dept. of Labor & Workforce Development

Phone: 609-984-2595


New Trends in 2014

Many trends are forecasted for 2014. Some are continuations of existing trends, while others are based on new technology, but all offer smart marketers the opportunity to get ahead of the competition.

2014 trends

Consider the following three and whether they can help you achieve your marketing goals in 2014.


Niche Social Media Sites

Snapchat and Vine are two examples of niche social media sites that offer new ways to reach customers this year. If Snapchat’s recent rejection of a $3 billion offer from Facebook is any indication, 2014 will be the year to represent your brand on relevant niche social media sites.


Location-Based Targeting

Next year, make an effort to localize your content so that it’s personal and relevant to each of your customers. Build location services into your app to cater content and search results to each user’s exact location. This provides context. For example, Oakley Smart Glass shows skiers their speed, elevation, where their friends are on the mountain, and other relevant statistics.


Mobile or Bust

More than one billion people own smartphones worldwide, and 143 million of them are in the U.S. The relatively low price point for these mini-computers allows marketers to reach large portions of the population that previously did not have everyday Internet access. If you’re not there already, you need to design or adapt your website for an optimized mobile and tablet experience in the coming year.

(Source: see their guide for Marketing in 2014

A guide to Marketing in 2014

How will you make the right choices for your 2014 digital marketing mix? There is a company called VOCUS that has offered to give you a free guide to Marketing in 2014.  All you will need to do is to provide them with a bit of information about you.

Discover 2014’s key digital trends, what they mean for marketers and how to make them work with your brand’s strategy.

Go to 


and you can download a copy of their guide:

A guide to Marketing in 2014



There is a new website you may want to check out.  It is

This website offers paid and unpaid listings of opportunities across New Jersey.

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Are Professional Associations valuable?

An Interview with Marissa Cussanelli

by Til Dallavalle

Recently, I had an opportunity to talk with Marissa Cusanelli, a senior at Monmouth University.  Marissa started a Collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association at Monmouth and talks about how she got started and the value of the experience in this interview.

To request contact information email the CTEP Marketing Project Coordinator, Til Dallavalle


Middle Schools Explore Project Based Learning

Virginia Middle Schools Focus on Better Education

-Emily, 8/19/13

Gloucester County in Virginia is opening up a new middle school within the next two years. Page Middle School will incorporate a new style of learning, Project Based Learning, to it’s students. The school board decided that as Page Middle School explores PBL, the existing Peasley Middle School in the area will do so as well. The school board’s intent is to guide students from both middle schools in the same direction so that when they merge in the same high school, it will be unclear which middle school a student attended. They hope that the introduction of Project Based Learning will advance students and give them a sense of uniformity in their education.

Adapted from the Daily Press article by Matt Sabo entitled “Gloucester Middle Schools Exploring Project-Based Learning,” courtesy of Professor Elizabeth Elmore of the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey.

In-Store Pickup

Why Retailers Should Offer This Service to Shoppers

-Emily, 8/15/13

In the past, I’ve ordered items online and opted to have them shipped to a local store to cut down on shipping costs. When I bought my laptop, I was even given the option to purchase items directly from a local store’s stock but pay for my order online. This gave me the option to pay for my items in advance and pick them up at my own leisure.

When I find that the items I’m purchasing online can be picked up same-day, I’m thrilled. But not all retailers offer this fantastic service.

Econsultancy suggests that retailers who do not offer in-store pickup may be losing out on potential sales. Customers who purchase online and pick up in store are more likely to make additional purchases when they make their pick up. In-store pickup also saves a lot of time for consumers, allowing them to choose exactly what they need and pick it up when they need it. This increases their satisfaction with a brand and increases their likelihood to stay loyal to that brand. Even if consumers don’t order online, they may be more inclined to come directly to the store and purchase what they were going to order if they know it is in stock. Retailers can only gain from this service. Do you think more will offer it?

Adapted from the Econsultancy article by Graham Charlton entitled “Seven Reasons Why Retailers Should Offer In-Store Pickup.”

Retail Sales Rise in July

A Sign of Better Economic Times

-Emily, 8/14/13

After a 1.2% drop in sales in June of this year, the retail business saw a 6% increase in sales this past July. Although the percentage increase was lower than planned, forecasters believe this jump from June’s dropping numbers is a sign of better economic times. Consumers are now showing a better attitude toward the economy and are spending despite climbing gas prices.

Some analysts advise not to show too much optimism toward this 6% jump. The economy is still at “mixed bag” and can fluctuate both up and down. For the mean time, July’s numbers look hopeful! Shop on!

Adapted from the Washington Post article by Katerina Sokou entitled “Rise in Retail Sales Signals Stronger Growth.”

Brands Dabble with Tumblr

Another Social Media Site Jumps on the Brand-Wagon

-Emily, 8/14/13

Brands have made a social media presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter since these sites first began. Tumblr, a blogging site popular amongst teens and twenty-somethings, has always been something of an enigma for brands. The dynamic of the Tumblr community has made it particularly difficult for brands to successfully infiltrate the site and reach out to its users. While it has been difficult, it has not been impossible. Brands like Lexus, American Apparel, and Doctor Who have built strong Tumblr presences.

What do Tumblr users have to say about brands on the blog? Above all, they hope brands will provide a diverse selection of blog posts and not just focus on the selling aspect of their brand. Users want to be able to connect with brands and feel more personal with them, not feel bombarded by advertisements in between sincere blog posts.

How do you feel about brands on Tumblr?

Adapted from the Econsultancy article by David Olshanetsky entitled “How Misusing Tumblr Might Hinder Your Connection to the Teen Demographic.”