CTE programs prepare students for a wide range of careers.Reflect Transform Lead document cover

In the spring of 2010, CTE leaders, advocates and partners committed to a new CTE vision to guide the future of education for all students. Its ultimate goal: to prepare students of all ages to succeed in education and careers—and enable the United States to flourish in a dynamic and increasingly competitive global economy.

The new vision is described in Reflect, Transform, Lead. Click here to download the PDF.


Guiding Principles.

The new CTE vision is defined by five guiding principles. Collectively, they serve as guideposts for the CTE community to set priorities and make decisions affecting CTE programs, policies and priorities—and to chart a new course for CTE and the nation in the 21st century.


CTE: Learning that works for America ™

CTE is working across the nation to enable students of all ages to excel in their schools and colleges, and secure high-demand jobs. This video represents the rich and diverse brand of CTE. It highlights students of a range of talents, backgrounds and ages, and in a mix of industries in which CTE helps student succeed. The 1 minute 30 second video was developed to embody the spirit of the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium’s (NASDCTEc) new CTE: Learning that works for America ™ initiative. (visit


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