About Us

Components of the program include:

  1. Statewide coordination – A Marketing Career Cluster Advisory Committee made up of businesses, secondary and postsecondary faculty/administrator representatives and the NJ DECA Advisor and a Curriculum Advisory Committee composed of marketing educators and administrators, has been established to coordinate activities throughout the state.  This structure will have a positive impact on students since it will help enhance their preparation for successful entry into postsecondary studies or a career.
  2. Development of a statewide model program of study that addresses a career pathway for marketing, with curricula aligned to NJCCCS 9.4. After a model program of study pilots in designated high school districts, the Advisory Committees will review and establish marketing career cluster activities, offering a model program of study in marketing to instructors for classroom use.
  3. Professional development for teachers, administrators and college faculty related to the marketing model program of study. Sessions will provide information about the model program of study, current marketing curriculum and useful classroom resources. Activities will include in-person seminars and the launch of a Marketing Career Cluster website featuring an online resource guide with links to resources, workshops and brainstorming/networking opportunities for educators.
  4. Student leadership development of participatingDECAmembers through state leadership training workshops and participation in local, regional, state and national activities. Students will receive opportunities to refine their leadership skills and prepare for further education as well as their career.
  5. This CTEP grant project is supported by $175,000 from federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 funds, which represents 54% of the total grant funding.
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